What you should prepare for before meeting with your lawyer

Before you meet a lawyer for the first time, take some time to review your case. If you come prepared and structured for your first meeting, it will also be easier for the lawyer to help you.

When you turn to a lawyer you pay for high quality legal advice. As a general rule, lawyers pay per hour. To use the lawyer’s time in the best possible way, prepare carefully for the lawyer’s meeting.

By getting prepared for the first meeting you get a better overview of your case. For example, it is about establishing a chronological overview of important events. In this way, you can tell the lawyer in what sequence all events that are important to your case have occurred.

If you do not know exactly what problems you have and how to proceed with it, the Law Society offers free advice through the Lawyer. Through the Lawyer, you get to talk to a lawyer for about 15 minutes at no cost and get tips on how to proceed with your legal issues.

If you decide to turn to the Lawyer, you can ask what information and documents you should bring with a lawyer for further advice.

Questions to ask before the meeting:

Below you get some guidance in the form of a number of questions that you can ask yourself before meeting with the lawyer. The questions are designed to help you structure your case.

Have you received a letter from or sent something to a public authority? Who have you contacted at this authority? Do you have documentation on this?

Have you had a meeting with anyone? Who and when? Do you have something to support this, eg a calendar?

Have you sent or received any letter in response to your case? To / from whom and when? Do you still have the letter?

Have you sent or received an email regarding your case? To / from whom and when? Do you still have the email correspondence?

Have you submitted or received an oral contract proposal? To / from whom and when?

Have you signed an agreement? Do you have a signed copy of this agreement?

Have you rejected a proposal for an agreement? From who? When? Do you have a copy of the contract proposal?

Have you received or transferred money? To / from whom and when? Do you have documentation on the transaction?

Have you or your counterparty acted in violation of an agreement that applies between you? When and in what way?

Have you or your counterpart obtained background information that is of interest to the case? When and from what source? What is the information about?

Documentation tips

Below you will find tips on documents that your lawyer may need to help you with your case. Keep in mind that all documents may not be of interest, but it may be good to at least review what documentation you have at home about the lawyer then ask for something.