What is property & construction law?

Both real estate projects and contracts are often complex matters that are regulated by a number of laws, including the Land Code, the Environmental Code, the Property Formation Act, the Civil Construction Act, the Expropriation Act, the Housing Law Act and the Planning and Building Act.

Construction contracts

Different types of property construction and construction projects can be carried out under contract. Regardless of the size of the project, it is important to start it with the writing of an agreement to determine all the conditions. We help you to create a contract that is tailor made for your particular project. We can also handle contract negotiations and review of contract proposals presented by your counterparty.

Construction disputes

There are some pitfalls in contracting that may pose a risk of disputes. We assist you with legal expertise when there is disagreement about what is agreed or how a contractual condition should be interpreted, and in case of disputes and oversight.

Property transactions

Within the real estate law, there is a strong formality and a large element of mandatory legislation. There are many obligations and rights that you need to take into account when buying or selling a property. We help you navigate properly so that no disputes arise during the transfer. We also make sure that the division of responsibilities between buyers and sellers is clear, so that there is no ambiguity about who is responsible for what after the purchase is completed.

Sometimes, after buying a property, unexpected errors or shortcomings emerge. If the condition of the property does not appear to be in accordance with what the parties have agreed upon at the transfer, there is an error in the property. These may be actual errors, hidden errors, rights errors or availability errors. The opportunities to claim responsibility from the seller vary with the type of fault.

Building permits

If you need help in appealing a refusal of a building permit or of appealing a granted building permit for a neighboring property.