What do criminal lawyers do during court cases?

You who are suspected or charged with a crime may be entitled to a public defender. The role of the defender is to ensure that your interests are taken into account in the judicial review, both with regard to the debt issue and the possible penalties for the crime in question. Our lawyers handle all types of criminal cases, including cases involving financial crime (eco-crime).

Those who have been subjected to a crime may be entitled to a plaintiff’s assistance. The role of the plaintiff’s attorney is to ensure that in the event of a trial you receive the damages you are entitled to and guide you throughout the legal process.   


As a suspect of a crime, you always have the right to consult and be represented by a lawyer, a so-called public defender. A public defender takes advantage of your rights throughout the criminal process, from the first police hearing, throughout the preliminary investigation, and later at any court hearing.


Anyone who has been charged with a crime (litigation) has the right to a litigation assistant

(a lawyer or lawyer) who is to guard the person’s rights during the police investigation and during the trial. The plaintiff has the right to request the lawyer / lawyer he or she wishes.