What can you expect from choosing a lawyer?

The lawyer’s role is to represent his client and protect his interests within the framework of law and good legal practice.

High demands are placed on anyone who wants to call himself a lawyer. The lawyer’s title is protected by law. Only one who has been accepted as a member of the Swedish Bar Association may call himself a lawyer. The requirements for entry are high. Besides a long education, completed with a juror. bachelor’s degree, requires at least three years of experience in qualified, legal work. Anyone wishing to become a lawyer must also pass a written degree in constitutional law as well as a one-time exam to show that he or she is suitable for the profession. Attorneys must also continue to train themselves continuously.

All attorneys are required to follow what is known as good practice. The basis for good practice is found in the Law Society’s guidelines for good practice , which form an important part of the lawyers’ ethical framework.

The main task of the regulations is to safeguard the interests of the client – the one who hires lawyers. Loyalty to the client, independence, freedom from conflicts of interest and duty of confidentiality are core values ​​in the attorneys’ ethical rules. Anyone who hires a lawyer should be able to feel confident that the lawyer is always looking after the client’s interests and does not take any other considerations into the work. The lawyers’ duty of confidentiality is regulated by law.