The court procedure during commerical disputes

Most companies end up in some sort of dispute sooner or later. A professional lawyer with good insight into your company is central to finding a good solution, regardless of the size of the problem and on which side of the dispute you are. 

Lawyers provide complete expertise in business law and have extensive experience in both large and small commercial disputes.

Advice and risk assessment

The lawyer you choose is familiar with all aspects of your company and business and can assist you with legal advice and risk assessments.

Legal representation

Commercial disputes can look different, and everyone demands their unique strategy. No matter what it is – contract disputes, if you have a claim against someone or someone has a claim on you, trademark disputes, franchise litigation, if you have been sued or if you need to file a lawsuit – we represent you in all kinds of disputes.

Negotiation, settlement and process

Your legal representative is always looking for the best solution for you. Your lawyers will assist you in negotiations and conciliation, as well as in court and arbitration processes.