How to get a refund through consumer disputes

If you have a dispute with a company / trader about a product or service that you have purchased for your own use, this is a consumer dispute. As a consumer dispute, there is also a disagreement with insurance companies about whether or not they should reimburse an insurance claim.

Lawyer assistance with legal protection

Purchases of services and goods are often about large sums. If you end up in a dispute, it is wise to turn to an attorney at an early stage.

You are usually entitled to receive reimbursement for your legal costs through the legal protection in home insurance. If you do not have home insurance, you can in some cases obtain legal assistance.

When the dispute is about smaller amounts, we recommend that you contact the municipality’s consumer adviser or the General Complaints Board (ARN).

What counts as a consumer dispute?

Disputes concerning goods that you have purchased as a private individual fall under consumer disputes. Services include repair of objects, work on real estate and insurance.

Some examples of consumer disputes are:

  • The artisans you hired to renovate the bathroom did not do a professional job
  • The construction company that changed your roof requires overpricing for the work
  • The invoice you received does not match the previously agreed price
  • The product you bought was broken, but the seller refuses to repair it
  • You have had a water damage in the kitchen, but the insurance company does not consider it covered by your insurance
  • Your insurance company and you disagree with the valuation of what was stolen during a burglary in your home.