How are criminal cases in court conducted?

You who have been served suspicion of a crime are in many cases entitled to choose a defense attorney, or public defender who is the correct term. The sooner you get a lawyer to review your case, the better your starting position will be.

Victim of crime

In most cases, you who have been subjected to a violent or sexual offense are entitled to a plea bargain that is paid by the state.

Both female and male litigants work with a great deal of experience working with crime victims. We also have specialized expertise in the area of ​​crime victims. We understand that it is difficult and stressful to go through a criminal trial as a victim of crime. It is therefore important that you get in good contact with and feel the confidence of the lawyer who will represent you.

Public Defender / Defense Attorney

A public defender, commonly referred to as a defense lawyer, is a lawyer appointed by the court to be the person suspected of a crime, for which prison is included in the scale. For offenses that result in lesser punishment, a public defender can only be appointed if there are special reasons.

If you are suspected of a crime and have the right to a public defender, you have the right to choose which lawyer to represent you, both during the time the police and prosecutor are investigating the crime and during the trial. As long as there are no specific reasons for it, the court will appoint the lawyer you have chosen.

The cost of a public defender is paid by the state. If you are acquitted, the money does not need to be refunded, but if you are convicted of the crime, you may be required to repay the defender’s compensation to the state, in whole or in part, depending on your income.

If you are not entitled to a public defender you can hire a lawyer as a private defender yourself. You will then be responsible for this cost yourself, but in the event of an acquittal, you can apply for compensation from the state for the costs of the defense.


The claimant is the one who has been exposed to or has suffered damage from a crime. A plaintiff’s attorney is usually an attorney or assistant attorney at a law firm, whose job is to safeguard the plaintiff’s interests and be of assistance and support during preliminary investigations and trials. The plaintiff may also claim damages if you, as a plaintiff, have been subject to violation and mental illness, and damages for financial damage such as lost or destroyed property and lost work income.

As a victim, you have the right to choose who you want as a plaintiff’s assistant. In some of the more serious crimes, which have a prison sentence (for example, sexual offenses, abuse, robbery or illegal detention), the plaintiff’s assistant request is requested by the court and the costs are paid by the state.