Does getting an injury automatically entitle you to compensation?

A personal injury is a physical or mental injury caused by someone’s actions. For example, it could be an accident, work injury, patient injury or abuse. Most often, the affected person experiences transient complaints, but sometimes the incident can lead to long-term illness with reduced work capacity and extensive contacts with insurance companies and insurance funds. We take care of the legal process and communication with companies and authorities so that you can focus on your health.

If you have been injured at work, have been subjected to malpractice in health care or otherwise become injured or ill due to someone’s actions, this can cause legal problems.

It is relatively common for those affected by a personal injury or long-term illness to have a different view than the insurance fund about what compensation should be paid. We offer our clients legal advice and assistance in litigation against insurance companies and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency regarding compensation, sickness benefit, sickness benefit, annuity and SGI.

Include as much documentation as you have with your lawyer. It can be certificates from treating physicians and specialists, income declarations, salary specifications and previous employment contracts.

What does the law say?

According to Law (1976: 380) on occupational injury insurance, those affected by a work injury are entitled to an annuity if the work capacity is reduced by at least one-fifth, if the reduction is permanent or can be assumed to last for at least one year. The annuity must correspond to the income loss the injured person makes and is based on your sickness benefit-based income, SGI.

According to the Act (1996: 799) on patient injuries, injuries that arise in connection with health care in Sweden are compensated. In order to be entitled to compensation, it is necessary that the injury has arisen through care and that the injury could not be avoided by giving childish in some other way.

Compensation for personal injury caused intentionally by someone else is regulated in the Compensation Act (1972: 207).

What does it cost?

In disputes regarding work injury and patient injury, the main rule is that the client pays the agent’s costs privately as these are not replaced by legal protection (home insurance) or legal aid (the state). Often there is a lot of documentation in cases of personal injury and therefore an investigation of 2-3 hours is required for the lawyer to be able to determine case can be hourly remuneration will be added based on the extent of ongoing processing. The exception is patient injuries where LÖF (the county council’s mutual insurance company) has announced a decision that you want to appeal to the Patient Injury Board. Then you can get help from the legal protection in your home insurance.